Temeltek provides preventive maintenance and other maintenance services to sort of construction machinery regardless of the brand and model.  We have been serving a wide range of constructional industries with innovative engineering solutions to keep your budget steady and to keep your business strong with a well maintained fleet of machinery.  When your business relies on various types construction machinery and equipment, you will need various activities to keep them alive for your business; however hiring a professional maintenance company will help you have cost effective solutions as your equipment runs seamlessly to finish your projects or serve your clients.  We are a qualified engineering firm with decades of experience in the construction industry and we have the right professionals to provide you best solutions with the right maintenance plan for your equipment.

Temeltek has the capabilities to provide overseas maintenance solutions in Middle East, Asia, Europe and Africa.  We serve a wide range of construction-related industries with a great maintenance expertise on various equipment which requires engineering professionalism while handling them .  So there comes the Temeltek’s experienced engineers and technicians to handle your machinery to prevent down-time and loses in the budget.  Whether you need the maintenance service for a fleet of articulated trucks or hydraulic excavators, Temeltek always keeps a maintenance management plan for your business.

Temeltek’s Expertise on Heavy-General Construction Equipment Maintenance

  • Articulated Trucks Maintenance

    Nowadays, it is crucial to follow up the new technologies and best maintenance practices to drive down the total cost of the administration of your fleet. The strategy that you focus on directly influence the assests and it will improve the work efficiency, extend the life cycles and get most out of the fleet of your articulated dump trucks. Temeltek’s maintenance professionals will provide you with the best maintenance practices as well as the guidance while choosing the right machinery for the nature of the site conditions.


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    Backhoe Loader Maintenance

    As any of the backhoe loaders are with a diesel engine, they have the same maintenance requirements; however, there are unique maintenance demands considering the facts of the site conditions as well as the brand that you use. The backhoe is a special equipment which assists you at any operation at the site and deserves careful attention. As most of the professionals know, backhoe requires careful attention regarding routine maintenance demands which Temeltek has the right professionals to maintain your equipment regarding the maintenance plans to administrate your machinery.
  • Compact Track Loader Maintenance

    Performing periodic maintenance on the compact track loader can quite literally save you thousands in repairs and down-time. Temeltek’s professional team will provide you free guidance regarding the maintenance plans which may best fit your budget and projects. such an investment on the preventive maintenance will assist you save more future. Additionally Temeltek provides you with cost-effective unscheduled maintenance programs for your compact track loader.


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    Dozer Maintenance

    You may have faced problems with the performance of your used dozer many times and at the same time, you cannot stop using this equipment as it plays a major role in a construction site. So, why not hire our services and maintain spend some time in maintaining your dozer properly? Prevention is always better than cure. Steady and éclat maintenance are key factors to keep the dozers in optimum condition irrespective of the age of the equipment, geographical and weather conditions.
  • Excavator Maintenance

    Whether you own or rent your excavator, it's important to keep it in the best shape possible. After all, a well-maintained machine is one that'll give you top-notch service throughout its working lifespan. That means looking at just about every aspect of your machine, from top to bottom. The bottom is especially important, as it contains much of the hardware critical for forward motion. You can contact us today and you receive consultance regarding the maintenance requirements of your machinery and see how we can assist you through our maintenance services.


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    Skid Steer Loader Maintenance

    A well-maintained skid-steer loader can be one of the most dependable, versatile and highly productive machines in anoperation. You can significantly extend the life of your machine by choosing our maintenance and consultance services and you can get more efficiency from your operations. Good daily maintenance can further strengthen the life span of your machinery and prevent the down times as well.
  • Wheel Loader Maintenance

    You need maximum fuel efficiency, minimum operating costs and every minute of production you can get. Temeltek’s engineers has ways to help you enhance every aspect of your operation, so you can work faster and more efficiently than ever. Running an efficient operation gives your business a competitive advantage. So we put our experts to work for you to offer advice and how-to information. You can contact us today and get free consultancy for your machinery to operate at peak performance so you are ready for tomorrow.


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    Track Loader Maintenance

    Proper track and undercarriage maintenance is crucial to keeping repair costs and downtime to a minimum. We professionally handle your equpment performing daily visual inspections of undercarriage components and tracks. Our technicians conduct Inspections for all undercarriage components for any foreign objects, excessive wear, and damage. Overly worn or damaged undercarriage components can affect rubber track performance and durability, so we prepare reports to get you know regarding the maintenance operations and always keep you on budget.
  • Compactor Maintenance

    As the compactors are relatively low-maintenance machines, vibratory rollers have a tendency to be neglected. Through our services, we design a maintenance plan in accordance with the manufacturers manual book and keep a scheduled maintenance to sustain your machine at the top performance. We keep you on budget with an engineering quality and the potential costs associated with a roller compactor will go down and make you save more during the operations. In addition, the costs of job delays, unexpected repairs, emergency parts orders will be prevented by the expertize of our engineers.


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    Motor Grader Maintenance

    Whether motor graders are used as a first step in the rough grading process, for fine grading to prepare dirt for placement of stone, or to grade stone prior to construction of an asphalt base, the equipment must be maintained so it's responsive to the commands of the operator. Knowing all the aspects of the movements and the automation of all the system requires a great deal of engineering where Temeltek’s engineers will be pleased to assist to gear your equipment with our maintenance services in order to keep your equipment fully operable.
  • Off-Highway Trucks Maintenance

    The off-highway vehicles work hard for you. No matter what type of work you do, from highway construction to bridge construction and more, keeping everything in top condition is no easy task, but can reap huge rewards in the form of lower costs, less frequent breakdowns and minimal traffic impacts. Temeltek provides maintenance solutions to assist you in the heavy engineering projects. We assure the quality of our services so that we prevent any down time during a project.


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    On High Way Trucks Maintenance

    If you are running a fleet of high-way trucks, you should make sure that your vehicles are serviced properly to keep the fleet up and running. Temeltek’s engineering professionals ensures that your fleet is prepared for any wheather condition and season with cost effective solutions. We offer you consultancy and maintenance services regarding tires, care, fueling, safe driving and emergency preparedness as well as a program of preventive maintenance of your trucks.
  • Telehandler Maintenance

    Telehandlers are simple to own and operate. When combined with the correct attachment, these machines become extraordinarily versatile on jobsites as diverse as agriculture, landscaping, loading and unloading applications, moving loose material in building supply yards, parking garage construction and many industrial applications. Many of these applications are in challenging work environments, where fine dust from wheat chaff, corn dust, top soil and other elements can negatively impact operation and long-term upkeep. So you need our maintenance services to keep your equipment running.


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    Wheel Excavator Maintenance

    Temeltek has now extended its preventative maintenance services to now be available for all excavators including the rubber Wheel excavators. Quality equipment service involves more than just fixing your machine when it breaks down. Temeltek’s maintenance services offer our customers a cost effective solution that will help minimise your downtime, by having your machine checked before a failure occurs.
  • Wheel Tractor-Scrapers Maintenance

    Wheel tractor-scrapers have great utility in quarry and aggregate operations due to their ability to move high volumes of material over long distances without the need for traditional loading tools. These machines frequently deliver the lowest cost per yard when moving materials that aren’t rocky. All scrapers are built for durability and long life, but they have many moving parts and must be maintained properly to ensure reliable operation and high productivity. Temeltek can assist you with qualified engineers and technicians to keep your wheel tractor-scrapers running.