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We offer engineering and construction solutions for Deep Foundations, Bored Piling, Mini Piling, Jet Grout Applications, Deep Excavations Supporting Structures, Slope Stabilization, Ground Engineering, Ground Improvement, Geotechnical Engineering, Geotechnical Tests. 

We focus progressively on our services and personnel in order to keep the quality at high levels.
Health-Safety and Environment is one of the basical corner stones of the operations that we perform and it is our essential.
Temeltek is a firm that believes in the progressive improvement for the quality. In the deep foundations and engineering operations…
Temeltek is a successful and dynamic company in geotechnical engineering and construction. Up to now, we have successfully completed….
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Based in Istanbul, Temeltek Enginering LLC.  is a foundation specialist contractor. Gaining the customer satisfaction, Temeltek  is succesful contractor who has executed and completed several international and national deep foundations and land improvement projects with its wide range of machinery and professional team of engineers and experienced operators. Temeltek  is providing deep excavations, deep foundations, land improvement, shoring and slope stabilization services with a professional team of managers, engineers and operators along with the internal machinery capacity. 

We have expanded the quantity of the machinery and the number of our personnel since we initiated our business with a single boring equipment in 2007 and we continue to grow bigger focusing on the quality and customer satisfaction while we adapt developing bigger market relations.  Up to this moment we have completed many projects nationally and internationally and gained the reputation by creating the customer satisfaction impact in our market. 

Geotechnical Instrumental Inspection and Testing Services

Temeltek offers specialized geotechnical investigations with in-house capacity of experienced geotechnical engineers along with other engineering personnel. Building up a team of engineers have extensive experience in geotechnical investigations and other exploratory works, we have completed several service contracts regarding deep foundations, deep excavations, , soil surveys, design and assesment of the construction materials through our engineering consultancy services.

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Temeltek is the address of the successful projects with the services of geotechnical engineering and design, deep foundations applications, deep foundations supporting structures, ground improvement, slope stabilization, geotechnical inspections and testing and many other geotechnical engineering and construction services.

Deep Foundations

Temeltek provides deep foundation solutions when it is required to transfer the loads deep into the earth till the bearing material to ensure that the building structure has enough support in the existence of the poor soil conditions and extensive weight loads. The geotechnical professional engineers of Temeltek Mühendislik Ltd. inspects the site and gathers data and create a plan to insert piers, piles and drilled shafts at proper spacing as required by the technical analysis.

Deep Excavations Supporting Structures

Temeltek has professional engineering experience and the full range of techniques to provide reliable retention witth deep excavations supporting systems. Although there has been much advancement in the construction retention techniques, it is possible to face the same challenges of the early builders faced in the past. The soil structure, depth of cut and ground water, weather conditions, superimposed loads, seismic loads, vibrations, and adjacent construction are the factors which determines the complexity of the design structure of the deep excavations supporting systems.

Ground Improvement

Since 2007, Temeltek has been offering its clients solid solutions based on scientific data by developing methods about ground engineering and ground imrprovement with a full capacity with the equipment park. Drainage, deep soil mixing, soil injection, jet grout application and vibro stone columns are methods used widely in the construction sector. Temeltek has performed various projects up to now.

Slope Stabilization

The gravity is the most significant factor on the soil moving downwards the slopes and the conditions may require attention at locations which are adjacent to the motorways, living areas, factories, etc… The factors which determines the movement can be geometric shape of the slope, water, seasonal changes, lack of vegetation and aggregate material which natural exists within slope. There are various types of slope stability applications including the stability of slopes of earth and rock-fill dams, slopes of other types of embankments, excavated slopes, and natural slopes in soil and soft rock. 

Geotechnical Engineering and Design

We increase the level of your investment by increasing the constructability on any grounds with the geotechnical engineering and design services that Temeltek offers. We determine the ground conditions with intensive research and testing by investigating the adjacent grounds or the grounds beneath the construction field, and we evolve the poor grounds into constructible grounds in accordance with the results.  We are skillful in doing the right definition of the underground and overground feautures of a site.  

Deep Soil Mixing

Temeltek offers Deep Soil Mixing (DSM) services as a geotechnical method .  Basically Deep Soil Mixing is an effective method to improve the geotechnical feautures of the ground.  Soon after we become familiar with the Deep Soil Mixing Method for Ground Improvement, Temeltek has started to provide solutions to clients by specifying proper construction procedures and equipment for  different soil types which has  helped  assure the acquisition of the proper results in the objective grounds. 

Mechanicare Services

Temeltek provides the best maintenance and repair services with our expertise in deep foundations and construction machinery. Protecting your heavy equipment is so crucial as it is an investment. The capital which is spent on the heavy construction equipment is considerable and the machines are the lifeblood of any company in the construction industry. If the machines are down, your business suffers and the projects will be affected in simultaneous way. 

Temeltek is committed to offering the best quality services by providing on time and fully compliant operations as a quality firm which is experienced in geotechnical engineering , design and construction services. We are firm who gained the confidence of our clients by providing services by understanding the customer satisfaction in our past projects and currents project at various regions of Turkey and 

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Mechanicare Services

Temeltek provides the best maintenance and repair services with our expertise in deep foundations and construction machinery.

Protecting your heavy equipment is so crucial as it is an investment. The capital which is spent on the heavy construction equipment is considerable and the machines are the lifeblood of any company in the construction industry. If the machines are down, your business suffers and the projects will be affected in simultaneous way.

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